Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer | Lily

See What Lily’s parents had to say about their beautiful little girl –

What did you think when you first felt your baby move?  overjoyed
What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?  I was in love and amazed and excited to finally meet her.
What three words best describe your child? sweet –  happy –  miracle
What songs do you sing to your baby?  Lullabies and songs from The Sound of Music
What books do you read to your baby?  Goodnight Moon, I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love, and Dr. Seuss books
Does your baby have any nicknames? Where did they come from?  Lily is shortened version of Lillian. Father chose middle name Alaina as a variant of his Grandmother’s middle name Elaine. 
What has been the most challenging part of bringing your baby home? What has been the most rewarding part?  Late night feedings and figuring out what her needs are. Rewarding: Seeing her happy little smile and holding and snuggling her and having her here in our arms.
Was there anything you absolutely could not stand while you were pregnant?  Going to the bathroom 10,000 times, and discomfort of sleeping.
Did you have any cravings while you were pregnant?  Claussen pickles, buffalo wings and spicy foods.
Did you find out the gender of your baby? If so, did you do a special gender reveal?  Yes, we had a special intimate reveal that we recorded and sent to our parents and siblings.
What was the best reaction you got when you shared that you were expecting?  The reactions were over the top excitement for us because of our 5 year IVF journey.
How did you tell your family that you were expecting?  We shared a voicemail from our IVF doctor to our close family and friends that moved us to tears when we first heard we were successful!
How does your baby sleep at night?  She sleeps as naturally as a newborn does, all the time 🙂
What milestones has your baby reached?  Smiles, gaining strength in her head, and staying posed in the cutest positions ever for a 2 hour photoshoot with the best newborn photographer a parent cold ask for! Kayte rocks!
What is your favorite part of being a parent?  Snuggles and seeing us both in her daily and her personality and looks starting to form.
What is your child’s favorite thing to do?  It’s a competition between sleep and feeding!
How did your child get their name?   Lillian was mom’s choice, no particular reason, she just loved Lillian/Lily. Husband liked Alaina as a variant of his grandmother’s middle name Elaine.

Legacy Portraits by Kayte is a Fort Wayne newborn photographer located in northern Indiana. Kayte creates quality timeless images of your maternity bump, newborns, babies, children and the families that love them in Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding communities of Indianapolis and Chicago.

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