Justin, Corina and Baby Boys

This super cute couple were anxiously awaiting their midnight induction when I arrived at their home this past Sunday evening.  The original induction was scheduled for Tuesday and I was planning on doing birth photography for them (my must-have for myself with this pregnancy.) When the induction was moved up, it threw a little kink in things because I had a commitment Monday afternoon between 3-5pm.

These photos were supposed to be the beginning of their birth video, HOWEVER the boys did NOT get my memo about arriving anytime OTHER THAN between the hours of 3-5pm. Wouldn’t it figure she delivered right around 4pm 🙂 I still think it will be neat to have these shots…the last few moments of life as it was prior to children. I cannot wait to get my hands on these little guys for their newborn shoot! Some of the most adorable props I’ve had yet are waiting just for them.

Congratulation Justin and Corina-You two are going to be wonderful parents and enjoy this journey more than you could ever imagine!

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