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Max is so sweet and tiny!! His parents have a lot to say about their sweet baby boy –

What did you think when you first felt your baby move?  A lot of excitement!!

What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?  Disbelief that I just had delivered a healthy gorgeous baby boy, and how blessed I was to have 2 healthy beautiful kids now.

What three words best describe your child?  Handsome, well-behaved and easy-going.

What songs do you sing to your baby?  Silly kids songs like “you are my sunshine”, “do-ray-me” and “ba ba black sheep”, etc.

What books do you read to your baby?  So far Max has only listened to the books we read Charlie before bed, which is a wide variety of small children books. “Peter Rabbit”, “Angelina Ballerina”, “First Words”, and all sorts of animal books.

Does your baby have any nicknames? Where did they come from?  Maxer, Maximo, Big Boy. His name is Maximus and is called Max but the other names just roll of the tongue in baby talk.  Daddy came up with the silly nickname Maximo and sister Charlie loves calling baby Max: “Maa-mo”, and he is simply a big baby boy so Mommy calls him her big boy.

What has been the most challenging part of bringing your baby home?  Getting work and housework/to-do lists done with a 2 year old and infant at home.

Was there anything you absolutely could not stand while you were pregnant?  The smell of peppermint was the worst.

Did you have any cravings while you were pregnant?  Orange juice.

Did you find out the gender of your baby? If so, did you do a special gender reveal?  We lit off a blue smoke bomb for our family and on Facebook.

How did you tell your family that you were expecting?  Being this was the second baby we simply called them the day after we found out, nothing special compared to the T-shirts and Fortune Cookies like with our first baby announcement.

How did your other children react when they met their new sibling?  Charlie was so sweet to Baby Max, she called him “Maa” and missed his head, but then told me to put him down to hold her instead, ha ha.

If your baby has siblings, how did they respond when they found out they would be getting a new sibling?  Charlie was too young to comprehend when we first got pregnant with Max, but she would always point to my belly when we asked where her little brother Max was and kissed my belly all the time.

Did anything funny/unexpected happened since your baby came home?  I thought we’d stay home all the time since we now have two small children, but we love to go, go, go. We have been to the zoo about 6 times in Max’s first 3.5 months of life! He is a great, go-with-the-flow baby.

How does your baby sleep at night?  At 3 months old: 6-7 hour stretch and then back to 2-3 hour feedings.

What milestones has your baby reached?  Holds head up well, has rolled to his side a few times, coo’s often, smiles, found his hands and grasps toys.

What is your favorite part of being a parent?  Holding my precious babies and making them laugh.

What is your child’s favorite and/or least favorite food?  Only Breastmilk so far, and he loves it!

What is your child’s favorite thing to do?  Be held.

Can you tell us a funny or memorable story about your birth experience?  I couldn’t have any visitors while in the hospital due to the “flu outbreak restriction rule” this past winter, so we couldn’t see Charlie our 2 year old for 3 days and she didn’t get to meet her brother until we left the hospital. Charlie was brought to the hospital lobby the day we left to travel home with us as a family of four, she ran at me with huge open arms and I wept like a baby.

How did your child get their name?  Daddy picked it.

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