Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer | Mason

What did you think when you first felt your baby move?  About 13-15 weeks I started feeling little fluttering movement and it was exciting.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?  He is adorable and has the cutest little chubby cheeks!

What three words best describe your child?  Calm, happy and adorable.

What songs do you sing to your baby?  He is adorable and has the cutest little chubby cheeks!

What books do you read to your baby?  I Love You Through and Through, Good Night Baby and God Bless My Friends.

Does your baby have any nicknames?  Mase,  just short for Mason!

What has been the most challenging part of bringing your baby home? What has been the most rewarding part?  The most challenging part has been getting his older brother who is just 18 months older than him to like him! He’s getting friendlier every day to him, so maybe they will eventually be friends. The most rewarding part is seeing him smile when he hears our voices. It melts my heart and brings me happy tears!

Was there anything you absolutely could not stand while you were pregnant?  Contractions off and on were miserable because sometimes it is hard to know if they are Braxton Hicks or the real thing.

Did you have any cravings while you were pregnant?  Ice cream and Chinese food.

Did you find out the gender of your baby? If so, did you do a special gender reveal?  Yes, we did a gender reveal party. We had our families over and my husband hit a golf ball with the blue color exploding all over. Everyone was so excited!

What was the best reaction you got when you shared that you were expecting?  My husband… he was shocked! We weren’t really trying, so he thought I was kidding at first. He was obviously so excited, but incredibly shocked at first!

How did you tell your family that you were expecting?  We put Ayden (my oldest) in a “Soon to be big brother” T-shirt and had the family over. It took them all a second to realize what we were trying to hint at!

How did your other children react when they met their new sibling?  Since they are only 18 months apart, Ayden really didn’t understand. When we brought Mason home, Ayden laughed at him first, then stole his pacifier and put it right in his mouth! He also kept pointing to his nose and was fascinated that Mason had a little nose like him.

If your baby has siblings, how did they respond when they found out they would be getting a new sibling?  He didn’t really understand. We read him the I Am A Big Brother book a lot, but he really didn’t get it.

Did anything funny/unexpected happened since your baby came home?  Ayden just being so fascinated by Mason every day. He constantly takes Mason’s socks off (he doesn’t like socks either, so he doesn’t think Mason should wear them.) He also likes pointing to his nose and laughing at him when we sit Mason in front of him.

How does your baby sleep at night?  He sleeps pretty well, about 8-10 hours between feedings!

What milestones has your baby reached?  Smiling, giggling, cooing and keeping head up.

What is your favorite part of being a parent?  The smiles on my babies faces, hearing them giggle, and just looking at them and being so thankful and blessed for such sweet babies!

What is your child’s favorite and/or least favorite food?  He’s still on formula right now, he loves it!

What is your child’s favorite thing to do?  Sitting up right in his lion chair, being held and cuddled.

Can you tell us a funny or memorable story about your birth experience?  I had a scheduled c-section, so I didn’t sleep all night the night before because I was so worried that Ayden (our oldest) wouldn’t like Mason. The morning of, I was a little more relaxed and ready to go. I had a c-section with our first so I knew what to expect at least. My favorite part was when they pulled down the drape so I could watch Mason be born! It was so cool because I wasn’t so sick during my first c-section. Everyone said how cute he was and I loved being able to hold him shortly after!

How did your child get their name?  I have always loved the name Mason. So we picked Mason because it’s a strong name. He has 2 middle names: Philip Thomas. Philip is after my Grandpa who passed away and Thomas is after my husband’s grandpa that passed away. Both our grandfathers meant the world to us, so we wanted to honor them both.Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer | Legacy Portraits by Kayte |

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