Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer | Lucas

Lucas’ family loves their new little addition  –

What did you think when you first felt your baby move?  It sounds silly, but so much happiness after the stress of previous pregnancies.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?  What a blessing!

What three words best describe your child?  Peaceful, joyful and loved!

What songs do you sing to your baby?  You are my sunshine.

What books do you read to your baby?  Any that the big kids choose, nothing in particular.

Does your baby have any nicknames? Where did they come from?  Ticky. Leo came up with it because Lucas reminds him of Tick Tick from dinotrux.

What has been the most challenging part of bringing your baby home? What has been the most rewarding part?  Sibling rivalry and balancing schedules.  The love between three boys and the joy that Lucas brings my heart…. he healed my heart after feeling like my body failed me with Leo.

Did you have any cravings while you were pregnant?  Just milk.

How did you tell your family that you were expecting?  Blurted it out… unfortunately I was worried about their reaction so it wasn’t eloquent because I was scared to death.

How did your other children react when they met their new sibling?  Lots of kisses and wanting to hold baby.

If your baby has siblings, how did they respond when they found out they would be getting a new sibling?  They were excited!

How does your baby sleep at night?  Up usually once, otherwise sleeps well.

What milestones has your baby reached?  Smiling, hiding head up and sits while propped.

What is your favorite part of being a parent?  Snuggles and watching them develop and grow.

What is your child’s favorite thing to do?  Snuggle.

Can you tell us a funny or memorable story about your birth experience?  My husband fell to the floor during the epidural.

How did your child get their name?  Lucas means light- he is my light. Kenneth- my grandfather and one of my favorite people ever. He passed two years ago.

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