Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer | Everly

Precious Everly came into this world with her parents amazement on how beautiful and precious she is, and her look is one of peace and contentment.  Wow!!

What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?  Love at first sight, joy and amazement.

What three words best describe your child?  Adorable, precious and attentive.

What songs do you sing to your baby?  Lean on Me and Your Song. 

Does your baby have any nicknames?  Evy, short for Everly.

What has been the most rewarding part of bringing your baby home?  Most rewarding part is the joy she brings to our daily lives.

Did you have any cravings while you were pregnant?  Coca-Cola, Pepsi Slushies and Naked Tchopstix.

Did you find out the gender of your baby?  Yes, we knew we were having a girl. 

How did you tell your family that you were expecting?  Our families both live in Washington State and we are both graduates of Washington State University, so we sent a picture of the ultrasound and a WSU onesie to them followed by a phone call to let them know we were expecting.

If your baby has siblings, how did they respond when they found out they would be getting a new sibling?  Evy has two dog siblings, they have adjusted well to having another person to protect.

How does your baby sleep at night?  She sleeps solid between feedings at night.

What is your child’s favorite thing to do?  She likes to constantly observe her surroundings.

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