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Fort Wayne Family Photographer. Kami and Kaye are too cute! I have loved watching them grow up and getting to know their family! There mom, Janelle, shared some words about there family!

The girls love to run and play with each other. They have the most amazing imaginations and often play games that involve one of them being an animal that roars! They especially love swimming, swinging, and watching Paw Patrol! They love to eat out and are huge fans of Thai food from Mahnin. Kaye takes in the world more through touch and physical activities, while Kami interacts on the verbal level more. They are total characters and are so loving with one another… So much fun to watch!
One day, they asked for some of my drink. I told them I’d get them something else to drink.
Kami: “Kayeloni, Momma’s getting us an else drink!”
Kaye: “Yay! Else drink!”
Kim and I: *looking puzzeled at one another and then recognition* LOL! An else drink! Hilarious… Something… ELSE!”

Fort Wayne Family Photographer | Legacy Portraits by Kayte |

Look how precious the girls were at Christmas!

Fort Wayne Baby Photographer | Bailey Twins

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